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This page is only accessible through the link you were sent by email when you signed our open letter to the Education Minister. If you misplace that link at any time you can ask for the link to be resent by following the link at the bottom of the page where you signed the letter.

If this is your first visit to this page please make sure you verify your email address before leaving. If you do not verify your signature it will weaken the impact of your signature with the Welsh Government. To do so, please click on the box which reads “Not Confirmed” and select “Verified.” Don’t forget to save your changes before leaving the page – when you do the page will then reload and display your updated information.

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N.B. We have observed that when the automated email is viewed in "plain text" format the link displayed is shown with some characters missing, resulting in this message being displayed. This problem can be worked around by viewing the message in "html/rich text" format where the correct link is displayed. If that is not possible to please use our contact form to send us your faulty link and we will manually email you the correct one.