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Families First in Education – Wales

Advocating for family based policies and freedoms in Wales

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Consultation on Children Missing Education Database

On 31 January the Welsh Government launched their long-expected Consultation on Children Missing Edu…

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Documents released by Welsh Government reveal highly intrusive objectives

As reported here, a batch of documents related to Welsh Assembly Government training for Local Autho…

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Senedd Plenary 24 October 2023
Senedd Plenary – 24 October 2023

Statement by the Minister for Education and the Welsh Language: Attendance Guidance Agenda item 6 at…

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What are the Welsh Government plans for home educated children?

Families First in Education – Wales is following what is being said by ministers and other politicians about their intentions to change legislation in regard to elective home education. Updates appear in our News section, and a single page summary is available by clicking the button below.


Parental Primacy

Parents have a right and a primary duty to raise their children, look after their well-being, and enable them to thrive; this is enshrined in both national and international law. We engage with stakeholders for parental primacy in policy.

Responsible Families

Family units are a source of emotional support, love, security and protection to children. We speak up for the family unit to be protected and honoured in policy.

Home Education

The UK has always held to the principle that children should learn in ways that meet their needs. The right to elective home education is protected in law, and it allows parents to choose a suitable education for their children, including in the home. We seek to protect this right.

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