Families First in Education – Wales

Advocating for family based policies and freedoms in Wales


Parental Primacy

Parents have a right and a primary duty to raise their children, look after their well-being, and enable them to thrive; this is enshrined in both national and international law. We engage with stakeholders for parental primacy in policy.

Responsible Families

Family units are a source of emotional support, love, security and protection to children. We speak up for the family unit to be protected and honoured in policy.

Home Education

The UK has always held to the principle that children should learn in ways that meet their needs. The right to elective home education is protected in law, and it allows parents to choose a suitable education for their children, including in the home. We seek to protect this right.

Latest News

Reply to Minister for Education – 19 January 2021

On 17 December 2021 Education Minister, Jeremy Miles MS responded to our letter of 30 November. His reply [PDF] did not address the points we have raised previously with him concerning use of the UNCR…

Freedom of Information Requests relevant to Home Education in Wales

In December 2021, FOIRs were submitted to the English Department of Education and their counterparts in the devolved nations, asking in each case for details of any contact they had had with one anoth…

Answers to questions not reached in Plenary – 8 December 2021

Answers to questions not reached in Plenary 08/12/2021 OQ57311 Tabled on 01/12/2021 by Mark Isherwood MS – (Con, N Wales) “Will the Minister make a statement on the choices available to pa…

Challenging the Children’s Commissioner for Wales interpretation of the UNCRC

Families First in Education Wales believes that the Children’s Commissioner for Wales is in error in recommending that the home education model should be more closely overseen in order to comply with the UNCRC. We do not believe her reasoning is justifiable.


Add your support to our open letter to Education Minister, Jeremy Miles, asking him to engage fully with the submission to rebut the Children’s Commissioner’s interpretation that UNCRC necessitates a register of EHE children and for them to “be seen” by state employees.